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Pallet Nailer and Assembly Systems


Eagle 4 Stringer

Eagle 4 Stringer Pallet Nailing Machine 36'x 36" To 48"x 48". Polar Air 20HP Air Compressor w/ Matching Dryer & 2 Air Reciever Tanks.

GAP 960

GAP 960 Pallet Nailing Machine with Stacker

GBN Machine Explorer

GBN Explorer Nailing Machine with Conveyor, Hydraulic Pack & Electrical

GBN Machine Patriot

GBN Patriot Pallet Nailing Machine with catwalk with Steps, 48x10 Roller Conveyor

Pallet Chief 06 PC IV

2006 Pallet Chief IV with Stacker

Pallet Chief PC II

Pallet Chief II Will do up to 60" Long x 48" Wide, 4 Stringer Step Up from Standard. S/N PC949

Rayco Mfg Edge

Rayco Edge Nailer S/N 96036 230 Volt 3Phase, 3 Stringer, Stacker and take away Rollers.

1997 Viking Eng and Dev Champion 304A

Viking Champion 304A with Hot Rod Computer System (JJ Farnell), 4 Stringer with 5th Available Machine #706 Up to 72" Stringers. See Video of it Running Call for more Video's

Viking Eng and Dev Duo Matic

Viking Duo-Matic Nailing Machine with Viking Pallet Stacker 3 Stringer

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