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LPS Equipment & Acquisition offers flexible brokerage terms to fit your company’s needs. Backed by over 30 years of buying and selling, the most aggressive advertising programs possible that include; Internet Promotion, Print Advertising in the Industry’s Leading Publications and Thousands of Personal Contacts Throughout the Forest Products Industry. If you have one item, are replacing/upgrading a segment of your plant or a complete operation – call LPS First for a Quick Sale at the Highest Possible Price, 1-800-598-3651.


To achieve an accurate appraisal requires true market knowledge. LPS provides appraisals to lending institutions, estates, equipment manufacturers who need to know potential trade-in values or any situation that requires that you know true market value. When your company needs to know LPS buys, sells, brokers and trades more forest industry equipment in one year than most other equipment companies do in a lifetime. This high volume of used equipment sales coupled with the knowledge and experience gained from LPS’s sister company Associated Auction positions LPS to provide THE MOST ACCURATE, REAL WORLD PRICING available all for very competitive fees.


Companies, such as financial institutions and leasing companies that are forced to repossess an item or complete operation often find themselves without proper storage facilities for specialized equipment. As an industry service LPS offers secure storage, and repossession services that can include the removal and storage. LPS makes it easy, we can arrange removal, trucking, storage, liquidation and re-marketing to leasing, finance, equipment companies and individuals who have been forced to retake possession of important assets. Simple storage is also available on our yard or in our warehouse facilities. Don’t let your assets lose value, store them the right way – Call LPSoday for complete details, 1-800-598-3651.

Plant Liquidations:

LPS Equipment & Acquisition offers the most flexible and comprehensive liquidation options available in the forest industry today. From direct marketing, direct purchasing and owner participation agreements LPS Equipment & Acquisition has the knowledge, experience and marketing skills to get it sold for top dollar and the ability to purchase your individual item or complete plant converting your excess assets into cash. When you need to free up your assets, settling estates, sell of unused equipment or operations call the professionals at LPS today, 1-800-598-3651.

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