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Rigging and Trucking

To simplify your equipment purchase, LPS offers the following list of professional riggers who can provide removal, arrange transportation and installation of individual items, a new production line or a complete plant. The following rigging companies are those that we have done business with, recommend and offer here as a service to our customers. This list of rigging and transportation companies is offered as a service to you. LPS accepts no liability or responsibility on their behalf.

Paul Atkinson (Red Beard)

Location: Star, NC
Phone: 336-465-8370
Email:[email protected]

Paul-Kaye Crane Service

Contact: Paul
Address: 101 Woodland Drive, Kingston, TN 37763
Office: 865-250-6903
Fax: 865-717-9560

RMG Rigging Services, LLC

Contact: Roger Goram
Address: 4018 Edlston Road, Alken, SC 29805
Office: 803-648-1899
Fax: 803-643-9723

WW Rigging Company/ Industrial Machinery Movers

Contact: Michelle
Address: 2084 Flowers Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33907
Office: 239-281-4849
Fax: 239-939-3410
Email: [email protected]

Paul Avery

Phone: 270-543-1919

Matt Chandler

Phone: 518-423-5613

Fox Portable Welding

Contact:Don Bodewig
Location: Lowman, ID
Phone: 541-589-0235

Foreman's Machinery Movers

Contact:Susan Foreman
Location: North Carolina
Phone: 919-426-9062

Contact:James Foreman
Location: Florida
Phone: 561-234-8758

Contact:Larry Alpizar
Location: New Jersey
Phone: 908-240-8393
Website: www.foremansmm.com

Two State

Contact:John Barksdale
Phone: 706-955-3061
Phone: 706-595-2862 ext. 284
Website: www.twostate.com  

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